Wine Freedom For Mississippi

House Bill 98

Mississippi is one of the few states that neither allows its citizens to receive wine shipments from out-of-state wineries, nor from out-of-state wine retailers. As a result, Mississippians have one of the worst selections of wines available to them in the entire country. If passed, House Bill 98 would allow shipments from both out-of-state wineries and retailers. The bill, authored by Rep. Steve Busby, includes requirements for tax collection, obtaining adult signatures at the time of delivery and reporting what was shipped. If passed, HB 98 would fundamentally change access to wine in Mississippi.

Status of Bill

House Bill 98 was introduced in January 2018 and assigned to the House Ways and Means Committee where it awaits a date for a hearing.

Consumer Action Needed Now

Consumers can help move the bill forward now by contacting their state representative, the Speaker of the House and the House Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and asking them to support HB 98 give it a hearing. CLICK T TO CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND TELL THEM TO SUPPORT HB 98.

Key Points

HB 98 creates a well-regulated wine shipping marketplace
HB 98 would allow consumers to obtain the wines they want
HB 98 increases tax revenue for the state of Mississippi
HB 98 Includes safeguards to prevent minors from obtaining alcohol
HB 98 is a free-market reform that removes archaic restrictions in the law

News About HB 98

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