Wine Freedom for Texans

(House Bill 2291)

Texas law bans its citizens from receiving shipments of wine from out-of-state wine stores, internet wine retailers, wine clubs and wine auction houses. HB 2291 would remove this ban and create a free market in wine for Texans and giving its wine lovers access to hundreds of thousands of wine now unavailable to Texans.

Status of Bill

HB 2291 has been assigned to the House Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee and is awaiting the Committee Chairman to schedule a hearing on the bill.

Consumer Action Needed Now

Email or call Committee Chairman John Kuempel and ask him to schedule a hearing on HB 2291.

Sign the Petition in support of HB 2291 and bringing Wine Freedom To Texas.

Key Points

HB 2291 will give Texas access to hundreds of thousands of wines not available in Texas
HB 2291 will not disrupt the Texas Three Tier System; Texas retailers still must buy wine from wholesalers
HB 2291 will result in increased tax revenue for the state from out-of-state retailers
HB 2291 is a free market solution to expanding consumer access to wine in a regulated way
HB 2291 requires an adult signature for wine deliveries