Wine Freedom for New York


Wine Freedom for New Yorkers

(Assembly Bill 0494)

New York law bans its citizens from receiving shipments of wine from out-of-state wine stores, Internet wine retailers, wine clubs and auction houses. If passed, A0494 would allow direct shipment of wine to New Yorkers from retailers in states that give New York wine retailers reciprocal wine shipping rights. The bill is a good first step in providing New York consumers with access to thousands of wines they currently cannot obtain in the state.


Status of Bill

A0494 has been assigned to the House Economic Development Committee and is awaiting the Chairman of the Committee to act.

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Consumer Action Needed Now

New York wine lovers need to contact their state representatives now and urge them to support and sign on as a sponsor of this legislation.

Click the link below and take a mere 30 seconds to get a message directly to your state Senator and Assemblyperson asking them to support S5330 and A5991.

Key Points

• A0494 will give New Yorkers Access to 1000’s of wines not currently available in the state
• A0494 is a free market solution to the problem of consumer access to wine
• A0494 will provide the state with additional tax revenue
• A0494 requires an adult signature for wine deliveries
• A0494 does not upset New York’s Three Tier system. New York retailers would still be required to purchase wine from New York wholesalers.