Tell Your Lawmakers to SUPPORT Consumer Access to Wine


In 36 States, the law prevents you, wine consumers and wine lovers, from receiving shipments of wine from out of state wine stores, wine retailers, wine-of-the-month clubs and wine auction houses. Why? because the law protects local special interests from having to compete in a modern economy and ignores your interests. Well, tell them this has to end.

If you don’t live in AK, CA, OR, NM, NV, WY, NE, LA, ID, ND, NH, VA, WV or DC then it’s illegal for your to receive wine shipments. That’s 36 states. But if lawmakers in your state don’t hear from their constituents then nothing will ever change. You are the one who can make things change. Your voice is what’s needed to speak up.



When you can’t receive shipments from out-of-state it means that most of the imported wines are off limits to you. It means you can’t buy from some of the most progressive and innovative wine stores and wine clubs in the world. It means that your wine selection is largely at the mercy of local wholesalers who want to carry and distribute as few wines as possible. It’s Got To Change!!

Click the above link and send an email to your state representative and tell YOU WANT YOUR WINE!