If well-heeled special interests demand lawmakers deny you the ability to obtain the wine you want, how can you fight back? Wine Freedom is here exactly to answer this question.


Although consumers in nearly every state may have wine shipped to them directly from out-of-state wineries, ONLY 14 STATES allow their residents to receive wine shipments from out-of-state wine stores. This includes out-of-state brick and mortar wine stores, Internet wine retailers, wine auction houses and wine-of-the-month clubs.

Why the difference in the laws for winery shipping and wine store shipping? GREED and CORRUPTION. Middlemen alcohol wholesalers in state after state have pressured their state representatives to pass laws that protect them from competition with bans on shipments from out-of-state wine stores. They think you won’t notice.

The Impact of Bans on Wine Retailer Shipments — NO IMPORTS
When a state does the dirty work of middlemen and bans wine shipments from out-of-state wine stores this means a ban on your ability to have ANY imported wines shipped to you because, in the United States, only wine stores sell imported wines. States that ban shipments from out-of-state wine stores deny you the ability to receive shipments of French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Austrian, New Zealand, Australian, Chilean and any other wine not produced in the U.S. simply because it’s sold by a wine store and not a U.S. winery.

Shipping Bans Limit Consumer Access Severely
Often opponents of wine shipping argue that consumers in a given state have not need of direct shipment from out-of-state wine stores because they can already find whatever they want locally. This is as far from the truth as one can get. In fact, wine wholesalers, who bring wine into a state and sell to retailers only make available a very tiny percent of the total number of imported and domestic wines available in the country. In fact, the wine lover in any given state is more likely NOT to find what they want locally.

What Can Wine Lovers Do to Combat Bans on Shipments of Wine From Retailers
First, SIGN UP to get alerts from Wine Freedom. We track bills in states that impact your ability to access wine. You need to know when to take action on behalf of wine lovers.

Second, take a look at the first map on this page. If you state is red, then take a moment to contact your state legislators and tell them you want the freedom to receive wine shipments.

Third, follow @WineFreedomNow on Twitter and stay abreast of news that impacts wine lovers. Staying informed is the best defense that the best way to advance your own appreciation of wine.